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You're going to be a WHAT??

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

I am going to be a Professional Home Organizer! Yes, me, an Organizer! I can hear the disbelief now. But that's ok! I am going to be a Professional Organizer and a really good one at that, and here's why.......

A while ago I started looking for resources to help my parents and I begin the process of downsizing a home that has been in our family for 70 years.( Do you know how much stuff you can collect in 70 years?? A lot!) #906 was my Grandparents home first and holds more than a life time of possessions. I couldn't find anyone that I felt could give us the kind of help we needed. Sure there were great organizers who could come and make the space beautiful or give us ideas on how to use the space more efficiently and there were companies that could come and "Get Junk" but there didn't really seem to be anyone who could come and help us go through 1500 sq feet of belongings, keepsakes, photos and household items piece by piece. We didn't need just an organized pantry, we needed (and honestly still need- more on why working with your own family is so hard later) someone who would come and navigate the at times, choppy waters of family relationships and differing priorities. We needed someone who would come and help us make space without making us feel judged for not dealing with all of this as the years went by.....

Laying in bed one night I realized that I couldn't possibly be the only daughter who worried about how to help my parents (and selfishly how to make my own life easier). I am lucky, I have a husband who helps whenever needed. I also have a job that would allow me to take the time to go to the house and sort it all out at some point. But I knew that not everyone has those type of supports. My sister lives 1000's of miles away. If she were to have to be the one to help my parents, she would have to take weeks off of work, leave her young family and travel miles just to get here. I kept thinking that maybe there was an opportunity for me to be the kind of organizer that our family was looking for.

Fast forward a year, much research and some excellent courses from Professional Organizers in Canada and here we are....906 and Me, at the start of a new chapter.

Whether you need a couple of hours worth of encouraging to help you organize your closet or a couple of weeks worth of help downsizing a family home, I am here, ready to roll up my sleeves and help. I don't believe in telling anyone what they should or shouldn't keep. I am not here to force organizational systems and regiments on to you and your family. I am not here to judge, I am here to help guide you and encourage you to find systems and processes that work for you. I am here to be the extra pair of hands to get the job done and to help you move on to your next chapter.

So when you're ready, give me a call. Let's talk about how I can help you and your family make space while keeping the things that really matter.

Keep well,


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