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The times , they are a changin'

And they are changing FAST! As I sat at the kitchen table catching up on paperwork this morning, something seemed different. It took me a minute to pinpoint it exactly....the tv isn't on. Its 8:00 am Saturday morning and there is no activity coming from the living room, no Liv and Maddie theme song coming from the TV, no early morning requests for chocolate chip pancakes, no "Mom are you awake??" whispered in a not so quiet voice. Without me even realizing those "Little Kid" Saturday mornings have been replaced by the teenage version of Saturday. One kid is off early to work with his Dad, one kid is still fast asleep. Even the dogs are still curled up snoring and chasing rabbits in dreamland.

Change is a funny thing. Sometimes it jumps out at you all loud and in your face, sometimes it sneaks up quietly from behind when you're not looking. Either way it happens and causes a shift of some sort in our world that pushes us in one direction or another. When it comes to our homes, the push for change can be caused by the need to make more room for a new baby, the changing needs of a growing family, adaptations that need to be made to allow us to stay in our homes for as long as possible. Our homes have to shift and change with us throughout the years. While it's easy to deal with those changes when we have time to plan and prepare and are physically able to take care of things ourselves, what happens when we are faced with a surprise?

It wasn't until Mrs N's hip surgery was scheduled that she realized there was no room to maneuver the walker she would need after surgery, through her home. Making space on her own wasn't an option. Physically, she just couldn't lift the boxes, move the furniture or go up and down the stairs. Her family offered to help but between the short time line and their own busy schedules, they knew they needed and extra pair of hands who could just get the job done quickly.

** Que the Professional Organizer in her super hero cape** and the "Da Dada DA!" music**

Ok, so that's not exactly how it happens but that's a way more exciting visual than an organizer in her jeans lugging a stack of cardboard boxes up and down the stairs!

The reality is, sometimes we organize to make a space look or function better because change has come to visit quietly and we want our home to reflect the new stage in life. Sometimes we organize because change has jumped through the door and said "Mrs N can't come home from the hospital until there is room for a walker!!" Either way, having the help of an organizer can lessen the stress by getting the job done quickly and efficiently and giving you the time you need to focus on the really important things like new babies, growing teenagers, and having coffee with Mrs N.

Keep well,


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