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Not sure where to start on the whole issue of downsizing? Start with the medicine cabinet!

Two bags of garbage came out of a bathroom sort I did today. Expired medicine, old hairbrushes, hotel name it, we’ve all got it. For most of us it’s just clutter and really no big deal to go through once we make the time. Decision on what to keep and what to toss are made easy by expiry dates and grossness factor ! This is why I think the bathroom is a great place to start when helping your parents downsize. There aren't usually a lot of emotional attachments to the things found in the medicine cabinet so going through it and tossing unused, out of date items is a good warm up for when you move on to more difficult spaces like the living room and bedroom. Plus it's a small space so you can make a big impact without a huge time commitment.

If you’re working with a friend or loved one with memory issues remember, cleaning out their medicine cabinet not only makes it look pretty, it can prevent mix ups or medicine mistakes that could be dangerous to their health.

Outdated meds should go back to the pharmacy to be disposed of safely. Please don't just flush them! If you do that, they end up in the water system and that's bad for us and the fish. Take along a bag to empty pill containers into when you get to the pharmacy. Lots of places won’t take them if they are still in bottles with your personal info on them.

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