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ICE, ICE.....

Did you said “Baby”?? Me too! As much as I love hit songs from the 90’s (aka “the oldies” according to my teenagers) that’s not the kind of ice I have on my mind.

I want to talk about ICE as in “in case of emergency”. Now this is probably not news to those of you that are tech savvy and all up to speed on the ins and outs of iPhones but for the rest of us...did you know that you should identify who your emergency contacts are in your contacts list by putting ICE in parentheses next to their name? AND did you know that if you do that and have a password lock on your phone, all of that excellent information is completely useless in a situation where you are not able (ie. unconscious, injured etc) to punch in your password?? Think about it for a second... without quick access to your contacts, first responders and good samaritans can’t contact your people if you need help.

Tonight in another excellent course from the Professional Organizers in Canada, I learned that there is a way around this issue that might give you some peace of mind knowing your loved ones would be contacted in an emergency.

So grab your iPhone and I’ll walk you through the steps to take.

1. Go to your home screen and look for the “Health App”. It is a white square with a little red heart on it and is a standard app on all Iphones so I promise you, it’s there somewhere.

2. Click on the Health app and then look to the bottom of your screen for the spot that says “Medical ID”.

3. Click “Medical ID” and then “Edit”

4. At the very top of the next screen turn on the “Show when locked“ option.

5. Then scroll down past all the places where you can enter different medical info to the place that says “Emergency Contacts” and click on it.

6. Now you can choose who you want to be your emergency contact. Click on their number and hit done.

7. Hit your home button again to go back to your home screen.

8. Now even if your phone is locked and password protected, your emergency contact info can be found by clicking the “on/off” button 5 times really fast.

Give it a try! Did it work? If you need technical help I suggest calling your nearest teenage child or grandchild. While they’re helping you, maybe you can convince them to add the same option to their phone too!

Keep well,


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