Questions People Always Ask

1. What do you do?

- The short answer is- I help people (mostly Seniors) declutter and organize their homes making it possible for them to either stay in their own homes as long as they can or prepare for a move. 

- The long answer is - I help people go through their homes room by room, drawer by drawer, deciding what they want to keep and what it's time to pass on. I ask questions that help you reach your own conclusions about whether you have space in your home or your life for certain items. I take piles of items to goodwill, shelters and other charities. I sort things to be thrown away trying to recycle as much as possible. I lift boxes (SO many boxes!). I run up and down the stairs (SO many stairs!). I help find movers and contractors and real estate agents. I organize garage sales and visits from collectors and buyers. I listen to stories and memories. I learn, I laugh and I love it!

2. Do we have to do anything before you come?

- No way! That would defeat the purpose of working together. During our initial consultation we will visit and you can tell me what areas of your home you would like help with. We will make a plan together on how to tackle the area and work side by side to put the plan into action. Unless, of course, you aren't able to help (or just plain don't want to) in that case we still make a plan together and you sit back and relax while I do the dirty work!

3. Who takes away the items for donation or recycling?

- I do! Unless it is a case where there is A LOT to be removed from the home, I take the donations to whichever charity you specify. Not sure where to donate? No worries! I have a list of suggestions.

- In the case of an excess of items to be donated or recycled, we can call in some extra muscle and arrange from a refuse bin or donation pick up (additional charges may apply).

4. How much will all this cost?

- My rate is $40/hour. If it is a really BIG job and we need extra help, additional organizers will be provided for an additional fee.  If you're on a tight budget you can save some money by doing some of the work between visits and our times working together. Everyone loves homework right??

- Sessions include evaluating the space and needs of the client, working through the space with a systematic approach, removal of small sized items to be donated, sold or recycled. (We save the big items for the movers and the trash removal guys! See #3)

5. How are you qualified to help?

- Well, that's a story for our first visit. But I will tell you this....I've been where you are:  Worried about how to deal with a house full of belongings and not sure where to start. I have seen all sides of the coin, I have been the worried daughter, the overwhelmed mother, and the person needing help but not knowing who to ask. So life experience has made me more than qualified to help. 


- And just in case that isn't enough I am a member of the Professional Organizers of Canada                      ( ) and have studied organizing, downsizing and working with seniors through their training program. 

And the #1 most asked question.....

What is the significance of "906" in your name??

It's a long story...but since you asked I will tell you!

When I was a child, we moved a lot due to my Dad's job. First Toronto, then England, then Ohio and finally back across the Atlantic to The Netherlands.  When people ask me where I am from I never know how to answer! Through all of our great adventures, the one place that stayed constant and unchanging was my Grandparents house in Manitoba. The little maroon and white house with the gorgeous garden was home base. The place where we were safe and loved and more than a little spoiled. In a time WAAAAY before Facetime, WhatsApp and Facebook my parents worked extremely hard to make sure that we would have close relationships with our Grandparents, no matter where we lived. Trips home to Manitoba for Christmas and summer holidays are some of my favorite childhood memories. 

When my parents got transferred overseas the last time, I didn't want to go (proof that teenagers make crazy choices! Who chooses NOT to move to Europe??) so I moved to Manitoba to finish university. I moved in with my Nan and her little house on the prairies really became my home. I'll tell you more about my Nan one day but for now I'll just say, she was the best....really, really THE best. 

After Nan passed away, my parents came home from Holland and moved into the house, the same  house where my mom grew up and where we all had so many happy memories. It has been working with my Mom and Dad to sort out not only my Grandparents things but also their own that sparked my interest in helping people with downsizing and decluttering and has led me to this point. That little house is #906. So when it came time to pick a name for my business, a business where I help people make their homes safe and loving places and where I help people document their own stories,  the only choice was 906 and Me.

Oakbank, Manitoba

204 801 1367

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